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Wellness and Business

There is being unwell, and there is being sick. In my view, being unwell means not being in a state of health, without the severity or gravity of having an illness. I’m unfortunate to have recently experienced this. For most of this year I’ve been unwell and dealing with some health issues. I consider myself lucky that these issues were not serious, nor life threatening. However, experiencing severe pain and limited mobility and not sleeping well for months on end took its toll on my wellness. Last month I (finally) had the surgery to resolve my  complaint, which ended up being more complicated than expected. In my forced idleness to rest and recover, I learned a few things.

Here is what I realized about wellness and business:

1. The world won’t fall apart    It is so easy to get caught up in the idea that everything will fall to bits without us. It’s not true. People will wait for answers, projects can be rescheduled, and tasks can be delegated. Taking care of business should never come at the expense of your own personal wellness.

2. Trust, trust, then trust some more     Trust your staff to do their jobs well. Trust the support systems like bookkeeping and social media management to follow your instructions. Trust that problems may arise, but solutions can be found, even without your involvement. Taking some time away is crucial for the wellness of yourself and your business.

Wellness and Business

3. Don’t wait til the end of the list     I’ve seen it with moms in careers and moms in business: “Once I complete this list, I’ll rest/exercise/relax/take time for me.” It is a trap. The list never ends. As soon as one item is completed, a new need emerges. If you are in overdrive 50 weeks out of the year you will be too stressed to enjoy your 2 weeks of vacation. Take frequent breaks from your to-do lists to rest, exercise, relax and take time for yourself. It is amazing how much a short break can reduce stress and improve productivity. My wise friend Angela Sutcliffe recommends that we schedule days off and breaks throughout the year, along with all the other business/career tasks.

Wellness and business can co-exist. As with everything worth having, it takes awareness, intent, and effort to make it happen. With time and practise, I expect to get better at it.










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