Rebecca Page

The Summer of an Entrepreneur: Balance, not Routine

Just when my whole house is grooving along in a productive routine comprised of the perfect blend of family and business,  work and leisure – summer comes along to mess it up.

Between kids, camps, vacations, and weather – routine is an impossible goal until school starts again. What works well this week won’t fit with the schedule next week. And so it goes, until Labour Day. I’ve decided it’s best to just roll with things day to day, keep the kids happy and fed, keep working on projects, and enjoy the summer while we have it.

In my first summer after my business got going, many of my clients called to skip services for a week or suspend them for the summer. I saw the free space in my schedule as an opportunity to work more on business development and marketing. I slogged away the sunshine hours, feeling triumphant that I was doing good things for my business.

My smug self-satisfaction was quickly squashed in September when the phone rang off the hook, and I realized I had missed my chance at having some down time. Each time I met with a refreshed and tanned homeowner who spoke fondly of their days at the lake/beach/cottage/trailer, I felt that I’d missed out.

I never want to miss out on another summer. I may not have routine, but I can still have balance. I may work 8am til 3pm and then take the kids to the beach with a picnic until sunset. I may work late on a Friday night, then pack away the cell and laptop until Sunday to enjoy campfires and swimming in the lake.

How do you get balance in the summer? Do you have a summer routine?



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