Rebecca Page


We all complain about not having enough time. It strikes me that sometimes people don’t have their daily actions and habits aligned with their goals. People say they don’t have time to work out or go to the gym, but they tweet about all the TV shows they watch. We are all guilty of this to a certain extent – it is human nature.

However, entrepreneurs have the responsibility to make the effort to resist the many demands on our time which take us away from our company’s Painted Picture . We owe it to our staff, our franchisees, or our investors. Before you say yes to something, ask “is this going to help me achieve my goals?” As you plan your week, scan your agenda and consider “are these activities going to move me closer to what I want to achieve?”

My youngest child is about to start Grade 1. I’ve been balancing business development and time with her for almost 6 years. I’ve savoured every day of getting her off the school bus and settling her down for a nap. I treasure all the lunches I shared with her, and the quiet hours spent working from home while she napped or played.

With her in school full days, I’ll have more time available. In deciding what to do with that time, I refer to the Painted Picture for Concierge Home Services. There simply isn’t enough time in one week to pursue every interest, whim, entertainment, and idea. I must focus on the actions and connections which will help me achieve my business goals for the next few years.

This is an exciting time, and I love the opportunity to review my priorities and decide my daily actions accordingly.

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