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December Bests

As another year winds to a close,  I’m reflecting on the things I love best about Decembers.

1. Fresh new unblemished file folders with crisp white labels ready for the year ahead. The bulky creased files from the waning year are in boxes.

2. Eating chocolate covered cherries, because December is the only time I can find them. 

3. Seeing people smile when I say “See you next year!”

4. Evaluating the results of a whole year: looking for trends, patterns, and calculating year over year improvements.

5. Connecting with distant friends and family, because we all suddenly realized it has been a whole year since we saw each other or spoke.

5. Getting excited about celebrating my birthday (as of this post, just 7 days away)

What are your favourites?

One thought on “December Bests

  1. Deanna White

    It’s so nice to see a heightened mood of everyone we encounter this month. Everyone seems to have a little spring in their step. I love that feeling. Perhaps the excitement of starting anew. I am always optimistic when a new year begins. For me, the month of December is a time of reflection and renewal. I look back at 2011 with a smile and think about the many challenges and accomplishments. I also take time to think about what I want to achieve in the new year, and for me, the underpinning goal is to challenge myself to outdo, out think and outperform the year before. It’s like opening a new book called “opportunity”. Its pages are blank and we hold the pen. So here we are, starting with chapter one – Happy New Year, Rebecca! May we continue to share, learn and grow.

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