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December for Entrepreneurs

When I was a child, December meant Christmas. Intense, breathless anticpation in counting down each day, each hour until that moment when I could see what the tree looked like after Santa’s visit.

Then, as a teenager, December became a month of darkness as I tried to carry on some traditions in the shadow of my mother’s early death. I’m not sure my brother and I have ever fully recovered from the horror of that first Christmas without her, just 5 weeks after her death. We’ve never talked about it. It remains raw, and words won’t change anything.

As a young adult Ioffered to work Christmas shifts so that my coworkers could spent it happily with their families. I spent one Christmas in Japan, which was wonderful. The Japanese treat it as a romantic holiday for couples, and my sweetie travelled from Canada to spend it with me.

When I became a mother, December meant creating memories for my own children. We have continued traditions I remember from my childhood. An angel my mother made adorns our tree each year. And we have new favourites, like building and decorating gingerbread houses, or stringing popcorn and cranberries for decorations. I take great pleasure in selecting gifts for my daughters, and sharing Christmas tradtions with them. We lounge in pajamas, watch our favourite movies, I read while they play with their stuff, and we wallow between pots of tea and naptimes.

As an entrepreneur, December also means a time of preparation. In the stillness of that Christmas break, I will always take a few days in the empty office to review results from the year in its last lingering moments. I love that feeling of the fresh new year just around the corner, and plotting out ideas and goals.

Remember that January always starts in a rush, and then before you know it, it’s the end of February. Q1 is almost over – and how is it going for you? It is tough to take measure when you are always in motion. December is an ideal time to take a break from the daily operations and demands, and look at the whole year ahead. This is an opportunity to evaluate results and set targets. This is not about New Year resolutions. This is an integral part of being an Entrepreneur. And though it can and should happen at anytime, December is a natural break in the year to do it. Ask yourself just two questions:

1. What needs to happen this year to create what I vision in my Painted Picture? Note these down and decide when and how to implement.

2. What have I been doing the last 12 months which hasn’t brought me results?  Look at ways to delegate to someone else, phase out, or stop altogether.

If you don’t know what I mean by Painted Picture – there are some good ones on YouTube, or read Double Double by Cameron Herold.




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