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Calming the Crazy with My Life Locker

I’m pleased to have a special guest blogger today. Sandra Tisiot is a savvy business woman, a mom, and the creator of a system to help organize the huge amount of data and information we all have in our lives.  Sandra writes about the My Life Locker System, and how it works.

Does not finding information drive you crazy?
Does a stressful event spin you out of control?
Dose data retrieval take you to the tipping point?

If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions – help is on its way.

I created My Life Locker: The Ultimate Organizational System. I am an extremely organized person, but it would always drive me nuts having to look for information, numbers, policies, passwords, you name it, over and over again. Each time finding it somewhere and then not remembering where it was. This could be age, but that’s another story.

So, almost two years ago I created My Life Locker, a comprehensive system that is the ultimate peace-of-mind tool, pulling together all the essential (and not-so-essential, until you need them) minutiae of our data-intensive lives. It is the book that locks up a thousand details, offering an oasis of calm in the midst of storms of swirling bits of information. It is a customized, individualized encyclopedia organizing the names and numbers and notions typically found here, there and everywhere. It is a compendium of personal data that serves to simplify our complex lives. My Life Locker is an ingeniously plain idea whose time has come in these complicated times, and it is uniquely Canadian.

I truly believe that in order for you to have internal control you need to gain external control, and My Life Locker takes control of all your data. It is this external control of your data that will keep you in organizational heaven.

Here’s how it works:

My Life Locker is organized into 4 Lockers. Let’s take a peek inside to give you a feel of this colour-coded workbook.

Locker One:  Me and My Family– Here is where you keep information about you and your family, your work, health, pets, emergency contact information.

Locker Two:  My Important Things Here is where you keep information about your home, car, cottage, equipment, warranties, documents.

Locker Three: My Valuable Money – Here is where you keep information about your accounts, investments, children’s investments, retirement, loans, credit cards.

Locker Four: My Everything Else – Here is where you keep information about your professional help, special treats, internet accounts and passwords, membership programs, travels, adventures, to name a few.You will have access to all your information with a turn of your finger. Now that’s peace-of-mind for you, and your family.

Your family can have the peace-of-mind knowing where everything is should there ever be an emergency, or life threatening event. My Life Locker can also be used as a legacy tool and put it away with your Will. No more stress for you, no stress left with your family.

I like to think of My Life Locker as a treasure hunt. Have some fun filling it out, and please don’t stress out doing it; take breaks, reward yourself after each section is completed. Trust you will be very pleased once My Life Locker is complete. I know you’ll be thrilled to go into My Life Locker and, voilà, there’s exactly what you need.

Thanks Sandra!

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