Rebecca Page

4 Fall Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs

Summer winds down, school ramps up, and for many industries the sales cycle gets kicked up again. Here are my 4 fall tips for Mom Entrepreneurs to get set for the season and stay sane.

1. Family First

Pull out your calendar from now until New Year. Note down the activities and commitments of your kids and partner. Birthday parties, PD Days, dental visits, sports – get it all down so you can schedule business around it. If there are conflicts (like the piano recital on the same night you speak at an event) then you have lots of lead time to work around it.

Fall tips for Mom Entrepreneurs2. Networking Next

Fall is a busy time for networking events and awards. Scan the calendar of your usual suspects, like the Chamber of Commerce and Meetup groups, and decide now what you want to attend. If your kids are small you may want to limit yourself to one evening event a week.

3. Projects

Are there goals you had set for the year which you haven’t met yet? If you planned to start a blog, revamp your business card, or join Pinterest this year – now is the time to get moving. Block off time in your schedule to work on these projects. When the time comes, turn off email, phone, and other distractions so you can focus.

4. Fit in the Fun

Family and business – where do you fit in? Before the days gets filled with all the busywork and surprises and fires to put out, make sure you block off time for you. Fit in the fun with your partner, your kids, your friends. Are there concerts you want to see? Spa day with a girlfriend? Movie nights with the kids? Schedule your date nights and dinner parties.

With these 4 fall tips, you can have a successful fourth quarter with balance between family and business.

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