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Business Bitch

As we approached the customer complaints counter of our cell phone provider, my husband gave me a pleading look which said “Try to be nice…she just works here….it isn’t her fault.”

Ok, so I can be a bit of a bitch. When I’m the customer, I don’t like being condescended to, and I’m annoyed when people waste my time. I’ve asked reps to end the scripted sales pitch peppered with bad jokes so we can get down to business. I’ve called people out on errors when it’s clear they want to fast talk their way into the sale.

If a businessman were to behave the same way, would he be an ass? Or would he be called tough, direct, and confident?

When do women cross the line from being assertive to being a bitch? Does it seem to you that women are applauded for their ambition and savvy until they reach a certain level of success, and then are slapped with the bitch label? Perhaps it’s jealousy from women who wish they could be tougher, and insecurity from men who are threatened by a powerful woman.

I’m not the only business bitch. Chelse Benham has a great blog community with many articles and resources. My favourite line comes from Tina Fey, who recognizes that no matter what how you label it, the people who are tough and driven are the ones who get things done.

Business Bitch

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