Rebecca Page

Saying No

We strive to be positive. See the silver lining. Say YES.

YES isn’t aways the right answer. Saying NO is a good thing. NO creates boundaries. All moms understand that. NO can open up spaces for more YES. NO can reduce stress and make improvements.

Women tend to err on the side of YES. NO feels rude, negative, like we are a Saying No disappointment. Some people are very comfortable saying NO. For others, it is more of an effort. It is effort worth making.

When was the last time you said NO to a client taking up more than their fair share of your time? (You do know the 80/20 rule, right??) When was the last time you said NO to volunteer work which prevented you from spending quality time with your family?

My most recent NO was to a franchise applicant. It wasn’t my first time saying NO to a potential franchisee. It was perhaps the hardest so far. She had all the right skills and personality, and lived in an ideal territory. But energy and enthusiasm alone isn’t enough for a new business, and her life circumstances meant that she just doesn’t have the time to dedicate to building her franchise. Saying NO was the best thing for my business.

Scan your week, your agenda, your inbox, your client list – are there opportunities for you to make space for YES by saying NO?

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