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Top 5 Pet Peeves About Twitter

With social media out of its infancy, there is loads of information easily available for anyone to learn how to do it well. I don’t intend to add to the volume of resources for social media strategies and tips. I just want to vent a little. I want to share my top 5 pet peeves about Twitter.

1. Not Acknowledging a RT or Mention It is just basic manners. But then, I was raised with sending thank you cards. Still, SM 101 says that when someone retweets your content or mentions you in a tweet, you should thank them, acknowledge them, or reciprocate. Tag them in a #FF. RT their content. Or just a simple “Thank you, have a great day!”

2. Not Meeting IRL  I recently DMed someone I encountered on Twitter and invited them for coffee so we could learn more about each others’ business. We offered different services to meet the needs of busy homeowners. There were opportunities for each company. The response was “and what service would you like to book?” I clarified that I wanted to get to know each other, not book business now. The answer was “we are really busy, visit our website.” What a #fail!

When you have the opportunity to develop a relationship from an introduction made on Twitter, take it! If things are busy, schedule a later date, or suggest a phone call if that suits your schedule better. Say no to a meeting, and you say no to new business. Unless you have zero competition, always make the time to tell someone about what you do.

Top 5 Pet Peeves about Twitter

3. Negativity If your business or brand is using social media, remember that your content reflects your company. An argument with your husband or complaining about an annoying client should be kept off your Twitter feed. A personal account can reflect personal opinions and experiences. People often use SM to get to know a business before calling them. Keep it professional, and drop the negativity.

4. Errors Short forms, acronyms, and abbreviations are forgiven, especially on Twitter – simply a necessity to get a message across. An outright spelling mistake is not ok. Neither is tagging someone using the wrong Twitter handle. I could notice in your feed that you tried to tag me as @RebeccaPaigeCHS but it won’t show up in my mentions. Then I can’t reciprocate or thank you. A search on Twitter or Google can ensure you have the correct handle.

5. Spam Etc. Sigh. Pervy looking pics with 0 followers which tag me. DMs telling me to buy something. Bots signing me up for newsletters I don’t want. Getting tagged in a conversation I was never involved in, by people I’ve never communicated with. Need I go on?


Top 5 Pet Peeves about Twitter

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