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Or, paying it forward. Or Karma. Whatever. After 10 years in business, I’m in the position of doing for others what some wonderful, generous people did for me when I was starting out – give advice.

This moment of realization happened for me quite by accident recently. I had arranged a coffee meeting with one of the many interesting people I’ve connected with on Twitter. It was to be the usual exchange of business stories and referrals. Within a few minutes, I was absorbed by both the energy of this woman, and the potential of her business concept. We brainstormed marketing ideas, I made a number of suggestions, and pulled out names and numbers of people she could connect with.

It was so much fun that I didn’t realize how much time had gone by. I had to pack up and leave so I wouldn’t be late for my next meeting. She thanked me and said “I see you as a mentor”. My initial reaction was “no, no I was just helping”. But I immediately understood that the sort of help I gave was in fact a type of mentoring. Then I clearly remembered spending time with people years ago who gave me the same kind of help. I hadn’t imagined then that it would be so much fun to provide the same support to other people. And I was filled with appreciation for having the opportunity to payback a little of what I had received when I was starting out.

That coffee date via Twitter is evolving into a friendship, and I feel fortunate to have another awesome businesswoman to talk marketing with. Check out my new friend Angele Lafond and her business ShoeBoxBeGone.

2 thoughts on “Payback

  1. Angele

    Rebecca! You’re too sweet! :) I love talking business and marketing with you as well! This whole twitter-thing: it *really* is about building a ‘world-wide’ community. Lucky for me, we live in the same town.

    I, too, am enjoying this emerging friendship. Let the awesomeness begin! :)

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