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Late to the party, as usual

Despite my best intentions, I often arrive late to events. Or meetings. Or new technological innovations.

I had a PalmPilot back when a cell phone was just a cell phone. I loved that thing so much that I was late in discovering the joys of the Blackberry. I switched to an iPhone long after it was launched. I’ve never owned an iPod. I’m simply not the type of person who wants to have the latest technology the day it hits the stores.

Which easily explains why I’m arriving so late to blogging. I’ve often been told “oh – you should blog” or “you really must blog” but I resisted because I didn’t see the purpose of it.

Obviously, that has changed.

I suppose I’ll blame Twitter. It is a micro-blogging site, after all. I’ve enjoyed the conversations, the connections, and the education. I’ve learned about franchise resources I’d never have known to look for on Google. I’ve discovered networking events, reading lists, and stumbled upon blog posts which have provided new information or inspiration.

So I’ve finally seen the purpose of me having a blog. No longer restricted by 140 characters, I intend to share my experience of being an entrepreneur, a mom, and a franchisor. The balance and madness of it all. The oddness of being a woman in franchising – because we are still a slender minority. And I’d like to share the wisdom of women I admire, if they are so kind as to contribute a post.

Thank you for welcoming me as a late arrival to the blogging party. Please be patient with me as I learn my way around. As Lily Tomlin once said, the road to success is always under construction.

3 thoughts on “Late to the party, as usual

  1. Leona

    Congratulations on your blog. Your experience is amazing and worth sharing. Looking forward to reading you.

  2. Heidi

    Great blog Rebecca!
    I am also late, very late “to the party”. Better late than never I suppose. I have been inspired by you to start blogging. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

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