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Why I Love my Mac

Last post was about how I ended up in an Apple Store for the first time. Now I want to share why I love my new Mac, why it is a better choice for business owners, and why I may never go back go a PC again.

1. Speed. I open it, blink once, and the login screen appears. I enter my password, blink again, and my Mac is ready to use. No waiting for Windows to load and programs to start up. Multiply the 5 minutes of start up time of my PC with the number of times a day I open my computer, and over the course of a year I’ve added a few extra days of productivity.

2. Weight. Lighter, smaller, and easier to carry around. As an entrepreneur who has worked in tents, trailers, trains, planes, and once on the edge of a grassy field in Union Corner, PEI (the only spot where I could pick up WiFi) – this matters.

3. Power. I usually have several browser windows open, play music off iTunes, work in a couple of spreadsheets, a few Word documents, and run an email program where I’m downloading PDFs and emailing out files. There is no lag or wait as I switch from one to the other. I’ve downloaded and installed new software or added CDs to iTunes and it worked quietly in the background while I carried on. Less waiting means more productivity.

4. Support. The first few days were tough as I threw myself into using a machine with different terminology and functionality. When I got stuck, I Googled my question. All the answers were there. A couple of times I called Apple Care, and they were prompt, friendly, and informed. The customer care and tech support experience is far better than anything I’ve experienced with Dell or HP.

5. Smart. To connect to the wireless printer which runs off the PC in my office, I inserted the disk with the printer drivers. It was so quiet I didn’t hear it do anything, but when I went to “Print & Scan” in System Preferences, the printer had been detected and was waiting for me to print. The whole process took about one minute. Then I tried connecting my old Dell to the same printer. The printer driver disk chugged noisily away for a full 4 minutes and it took another 10 minutes of rebooting and fiddling with preferences before I could print. It’s as though I had to tell the Dell what to do. My Mac just knew what to do.

Any tool which makes me more productive and doesn’t give me the urge to throw it out the window gets my love.

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