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My Newly Minted Mac

I never set out to become a Mac user. Just like I never set out to become an entrepreneur. When situations come about so naturally, it seems like the most obvious and normal thing.

The idea of switching from PC to Mac first occurred to me a couple of years ago when my trusty HP laptop had slowed to the point where it was taking me 30 minutes to complete functions which had previously taken 15. The poor thing was overheating and freezing and suffering a terrible premature old age. I looked at Macs and was intimated by the transition issues. Would I be able to connect to my office printer, which ran off a PC? Would all my files open? Unsure, I got a new Dell laptop instead.

A year later, the hard drive of my shiny new Dell failed. In the middle of a normal post-dinner session at my dining room table, it swiftly and shockingly died. My children saw the look at my face as I scrambled to call Dell tech support and immediately backed out of the room. They could tell that Mum was in no mood for conversation. Dell informed me they would send out a new hard drive, but sadly they could not recover any of my files. My last backup was only two weeks old, but I had done a great deal of work in that time. The new hard drive didn’t work either, so they shipped another. Between the fail, the wait, and reinstalling software, it was a full week of downtime.

Still, I stuck with PC. Last spring I picked up some sort of virus (despite the scanners and anti-virus software installed) which caused another two days of lost time. My poor Dell was never quite the same again, but we muddled through. Then a few weeks ago, while opening a new browser tab, it told me I wasn’t connected to the internet. Turns out a Windows Registry Error had cut off all my online access, which included email. I was looking at another lost day of reinstalling and recovery.

Instead, I visited the Apple Store for the first time in my life. In a snowstorm. On the way there I read a number of articles and blog posts about business users switching to Mac. At the Apple Store I spoke with three very different, very friendly, and very informed, non-salesy sales people who patiently answered all my questions. I was quite impressed that all three people independently gave me the same information. That certainly never happened in three phone calls to Dell tech support.

I walked out with my MacBook Pro 13″. The learning curve has been much steeper than I thought it would be. I was up against some deadlines and didn’t have the time to sit with a Mac Genius for a One on One session to learn the basics. I would have to learn what I needed to as I went along. Like motherhood and entrepreneurship, experience is the best teacher.

It has been a mere two weeks with my new Mac and I’m never going back to PC. Next post: why I love my Mac.





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