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Learning Pinterest

I love social media. I love doing things online and being as paper-free as possible. I am not a crafty person. I don’t scrapbook. My kids know not to ask me to help them with an art project.

I personally know so many avid Pinterest fans. My company is (slowly) building 5 boards. I know it is easy to use. I understand it has a huge reach which is growing exponentially. I can see its potential for finding people with common interests. And I’ve read the buzz about its power as a marketing tool, though I’m not alone in questioning the applicability of Pinterest for every business – see the recent post on The Copyrighting Blog.

Perhaps it is my lack of craftiness which dampens my enthusiasm for Pinterest. When I saw someone on Twitter declare that they had spent hours pinning because it is so addictive, I was stumped. For me, pinning is about as compelling as watching paint dry. But then, I’d rather watch paint dry than play any sort of sport, so I realize that my preferences are not the norm. I’m not judging – I’m simply observing perhaps Pinterest is most appealing to those with artistic inclinations. Or am I just missing something?

What is your experience with Pinterest? Do you love it and use it to share all your crafty projects? Are you creative on Pinterest even though you don’t use a glue gun in real life? Or did you check it out and do a shoulder-shrug like I did? Please share – I’d love to learn.


Is Pinterest just for creative artsy people?



3 thoughts on “Learning Pinterest

  1. Loreto

    Rebecca, you know me, so you know my opinion comes totally biased. I LOVE Pinterest, and yes, I am addicted to it. But-huge but here that will have the marketing whizzes ready to burn me at the stake: I do not use it for business. I got into it for extremely personal reasons. I don’t want to promote my business there. I don’t know how, I’m not sure it applies to me. But purely for visual reminders of stuff I want to do, places I want to visit, or food I want to make (!)-you just can’t beat it. It’s a personal bulletin board only for me-and I don’t care if other people repin my stuff. this is purely my guilty pleasure. Not sure if this helped though!

  2. Richelle

    I agree with Loreto. I am a visual person so I use it more as visual bookmarking. For recipes and ideas to do later. I also recently got engaged so it is fun and easy to look up cute and unique wedding ideas and I can see them all in one place (for example all my fav dresses so when I go to the store the consultant can see them all in one place on my iPad). I also use it for pure entertainment like my Harry Potter board and quotes board. This way I can go it and be entertained or find the right quote to get me out of a mood. Just the little things. But it helps that I’m a very visual person.

  3. Deanna White

    Pinterest is more than just a crafters haven, (although I love it for that and always find fun & interesting projects), it’s also a great marketing tool for business. I admit, I struggled with it at first like you did, but after I realized its potential, I got inspired to become creative. Pinterest has a heavy lifestyle focus, so what better opportunity exists to give people a peek into how your company contributes to theirs? In addition to creating a pinboard that showcases work and life around the office, why not have a “Furry Friends” board featuring adorable pets? Create a board for interesting destinations for “dreaming about the next vacation spot”… or perhaps pics of things most people would rather be doing than tackling a long list of household cleaning tasks. Succeeding on Pinterest for business is about finding how your products or services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience in creative ways while telling your band story. These types of pins will not only be a subtle reminder of the services you offer, but they will also help with SEO when you provide links in the description of your pins back to appropriate pages on your site. Also, Pinterest supports the use of hashtags just like Twitter and Google+, making pinning search-friendly. The next time you are running a promotion, why not create a pinboard around it? By tagging it with the same hashtags you’re also using on Twitter and Google+ you create searchable content in an integrated, social media campaign, (no glue gun required ;-).

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