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Creating Your Circle

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business. it is unprofessional to share frustrations with your staff. It is dangerous to share them with competitors. This is where your creating your circle comes in.

Creating Your Circle

I don’t mean your circle of family and friends. The people who have loved you long before you were in business are your special inner circle, which keeps you grounded and sane.

Your business circle are the people you trust to help you manage and grow your business. The graphic designer, the printer, the PR whiz, the bookkeeper, the virtual assistant, the computer fix it person. When you are newly open for business, it is a challenge to find these resources.

There may be some kissing of frogs before you find your prince. Or princess.

I have a wonderful circle of people I genuinely like whose business it is to help me. They know my style. They know my quirks. We have shorthand. We have trust. If I need a service not offered by my circle, they suggest someone they know I’ll like. 99.9% of the time, that referral sticks successfully. And my circle grows a little stronger.

Business life has challenges and problems. Creating your circle of resources is as important as having your family and friends at home cheering you on.

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