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Collaboration is a not a new idea, but its forms are changing. Charles Leadbeater did an entertaining TED talk about how innovation is becoming more open, and that “you don’t need organizations to be organized.”

I just completed a project which taught me many things about the value of collaboration. I partnered with two women to organize a webinar which presented 3 options for business ownership. I shared 3 steps to determining if the franchising is a fit for you, how to select a sector which meets your goals, and how to choose a system that matches your lifestyle and interests. However, I suspect that I learned as much as the audience did.

Here is what I learned from the whole experience:

  • EventBrite is a seriously cool tool. I’ve used it to buy tickets before, but this was my first time organizing an event. Very impressed with the sharing functions and reporting features.
  • In her presentation about monetizing your skills, Shelagh Cummins shared “10 Steps to Getting on Your Way to Owning Your Own Business” which outlined a process which has value for everyone considering making the move to business ownership.
  • Never assume you know who people know. It was fun for me to see how Shelagh and Deb connected, when I thought that these 2 fabulous ladies already knew each other!
  • In her presentation about direct sales businesses, Deb Macdonald talked about the value of the DSA. I had no idea that there was a trade association for the industry. Her emphasis on doing research was inspiring.
  • Tele-calls and webinars have more reach than the time scheduled for it. Shelagh is a seasoned webinar provider and she noted that it is common for people to get busy and not attend at the set time. By recording the call, it can be shared and listened to at a time that works for them. If you would like to listen the our hour-long talk, please Or contact me and I will email you the link.

What opportunities do you have in your business to partner with like-minded people to teach, to learn, and to provide value for your clients? Open yourself up to possibilities of creative collaboration.



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