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Annoying Sales Calls

Being in business doesn’t just mean being in sales. It means getting sales calls. Lots of them. Sometimes, these are annoying sales calls. Especially at the end of the year.

I get lots of emails from companies I’ve never heard of before. I get phone calls from noisy call centres. In my own business, I prefer connecting with people via an introduction, or after interacting on social media. I’ll also approach someone cold with suggestions on how we can partner up to promote each other. I don’t do the bare-knuckle cold-call list thing. They can so easily slide into the annoying sales call category. Here are my top 5 eye-rolling experiences:

1. The Screamer: I hear the buzz of people shouting as the receiver travels to my ear. The sales person, evidently  sitting in a busy call centre, screams into the phone at me. It is usually a variation of “Hello Ma’am my name is and I’m calling because we can help you grow your business do you want to grow your business Ma’am how would you like to grow your business?”

Annoying Sales Calls2. The Duplicate:  Same company. Same script. Different voice. Don’t these people keep track of the fact that I clearly said “no” when they called me last month? And again, when they called last week? I recently received multiple calls from the same company who were obviously trying very different scripts and approaches. However, none of them were effective for me, as I simply have no use for the product they were selling. Perhaps they should spend less time writing scripts and focus on calling their target market.

3. The Hangup:  Some 1-800 number pops up on the phone, which usually indicates a call centre. I pick up, speak, and hear a silence. I speak again. Then I hear a click. I’m waiting for the dialling system to recognize there is a human on the line, and connect me with another human. Alas, after another silence, there is a the final click of a hangup. Usually, an extraordinarily loud dial tone immediately follows.

*Beware of the highly annoying Duplicate/Hangup combo, where the hangup call happens several times in the same afternoon.

4. The Idiot:  These are the guys I hang up on. It is simply a waste of my time to participate in an exchange like this:

“Hello I am calling to speak to Rebecca at Concierge Home Services”


Well thank you very much for that information. First of all, I want to confirm that your company is Concierge Home Services?”


“Well thank you very much for that information. And next I would like to confirm that your telephone number is 613-523-9441.”

“….Since you’ve dialled that number and you are now speaking to me, yes.”

“Well thank you very much for that information. And now I would like to confirm the website address for your company is www…”

(I hang up with an eye roll of teenage-girl proportions)

5. The Misinformed:  These are usually very polite, calling from a quiet office, using an engaging telephone manner. Sadly, they quickly reveal themselves to be totally misinformed about who they are calling. Like the woman who earnestly told me “We can help you get more bathroom renovation jobs next year!!!”. Had she spent just 2 minutes on our website, Twitter feed, or Facebook community, she would know that my business does not do renovations of any sort.

*Watch for the interesting cross breed of the Misinformed and the Idiot, who will say things like “Tell me what your company does so I can see if our services can help you.” Are they just randomly dialling people? Total waste of everyone’s time. Successful salespeople will call companies they know can benefit from what they are offering.

What is the most annoying sales call you’ve received?









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