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New Year Resolutions

It seems that the #1 hobby in at the turn of each year is New Year Resolutions. Creating lists of our resolutions. Reading the lists other people make. Discussing what should be on our lists, and why. Dusting off the list from last year, and grading our performance.

I love New Years. I understand the feeling of renewal and fresh potential which comes each January. My birthday falls just a few days after January 1, so I also reflect on my hopes for a being a year older.

However, it is easy to get bogged down with an overly ambitious list of New Year Resolutions. Every year it happens, when all the best intentions of January 1 get swept away with the bustle and busy of life and work and family and business. Overhauling your diet or routine or habits in one day or one week is an unreasonable expectation.

This time of year, I recall a keynote speech I heard from Fred DeLuca at the CFA Convention in 2011. He said that making big changes in life comes down to just 4 actions:

  1. DO MORE of 1 thing
  2. DO LESS of 1 thing
  3. STOP doing 1 thing
  4. START doing 1 thing

And if you can’t manage all 4, just pick 1. He gave examples like drinking more water, less time watching television, stop smoking, and start walking 30 minutes a day. Just doing 1 of these things would start to yield positive changes. Then picking 1 more thing will be easier. And so on, until a life is transformed.

Perhaps we should toss out the lists and just get down to small actions. As we greet 2013 – what is your 1 thing?

New Year Resolutions

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