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Fall Cleanup

Spring clean up is such a thing. And in our climate, it should be. When the snow melts it reveals all the homeless bits of garbage, all the overlooked dog poop, and the countless bags of salt and sand which had been tossed all winter. It is a messy time of year, but my favourite. You don’t hear people talk about fall cleanup in quite the same way, but this is when I like to do it. In the spring, I am more interested in being outside at last to enjoy all the sights and sounds of nature waking up again. In the fall, I like to clear out crap and freshen up. My youngest daughter recently told me “you have that painting look” and indeed, I was eyeing up another room of our home thinking of new paint colours.

Here are my usual fall cleanup tasks:

1. Garage. Tossing  out the broken or outgrown toys and games. Donating all the stuff which still has life in it, but has overstayed its usefulness in my house. Collecting all the items which never quite made it into a recycling bin. A proper sweep and wash, then the laying down of  fresh mats to create a neat and tidy storage space.

2. Closets. Chucking out all the outgrown, torn, or stained clothes. Packing away the stuff which the kids could wear next year (dryer sheets is my favourite trick for keeping storage bins fresh). Getting the winter stuff out of boxes.

3. Email. Where the heck did all this spam come from? Unsubscribe, repeat. A lot.

4. To Do Lists. What had been planned for the year which didn’t get done? If it is still worth doing, get it done before year end or build into the plan for next year. If the task is no longer needed, delete it from the list to allow better focus on the tasks that need doing.

5. Goals and Milestones. To heck with New Year Resolutions. January 1 may be a fresh start but I think about what I want for the new year in November. With 3 quarters now complete I have a good sense of how the year will finish up and how it tracks against my forecast. Based on those metrics I set my budget for the following year, out of which flows the marketing plan, the social media plan, vacation plans, all the plans.

Between the house and the business there are so many fall cleanup actions to take which help make the winter more enjoyable and more productive. Do you engage in any fall cleanup activities?


Fall Cleanup





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