Rebecca Page

45 is Wonderful

For me, January is more than the start of a new year. I also celebrate a birthday on the 6th, so a new chronological age starts just as the calendar year does. This year is a milestone of sorts – 45, a delicious mid-point between decades. As January draws to a close, I want to write about what I’ve learned by this birthday, and why 45 is wonderful

1.Help is Easier

People generally want to provide advice and help and assistance. They just may not know how. I find that the easier it is to ask for help, the more assistance comes my way. I think it flows from the ease and intention that comes with the asking.

2. Caring Less

If the teen years are the pinnacle of caring what other people think about you, then the 40s are the time when all of that fades away. By this stage, I have a clear understanding of the difference between my issues and the issues other people are dealing with. I focus on mine, and don’t let their issues get in my way. This alone makes life so much easier.

3. Not Apologizing

The flip side of not letting the opinions of others form your life is not saying sorry for who you are, and what you want. I’ve always loved the expression “No is a complete sentence.” Not being apologetic can read as defensive or aggressive in the younger years. By 45 the confidence and self-awareness is strong enough that it stands on its own, without any negative edge.

4. Mirrors Don’t Matter

At 45, I find that beauty is a function of wellness and happiness, not scales or fashion labels. Feeling good is far more important than looking like what is being sold by a magazine or lifestyle blog. By this stage, we’ve all met enough fantastic looking people who are miserable, and appreciate that appeal and attraction lies in something much deeper.

So bring on the wrinkles, say no to Botox, and ask for directions when you need them. 45 is wonderful!