Rebecca Page

Growth and Change

My household recently experienced some growth and change, which got me thinking about how much a small change can have a huge impact on the whole. When I think back to my high school biology classes, I realize this is true in all aspects of life, down to the smallest elemental level. Bond one atom of oxygen with two atoms of hydrogen and you have nourishing, life sustaining water. Add one more atom of oxygen and you have hydrogen peroxide, a bleach powerful enough to cause explosions. One small little atom can totally change the appearance and function of the whole.

The new element in my home is a kitten named Charlie. Adopting homeless little Charlie was partly due to the persistent lobbying of one of my daughters, and partly me acting on a whim (which is about as rare an event as adopting a 5 week old homeless kitten). This soft bundle of playfulness and purring has changed the dynamics of the whole house. Happily, it has been a positive change. More like adding that one element of oxygen to hydrogens and creating water.

In business, my team recently did a small workshop on changing habits, led by the wonderful Ali Davies. It addressed how habits influence thoughts as well as tangible results. The content wasn’t brand new material, but it was packaged and presented in such a way to get me thinking differently about my own habits. It was a powerful reminder of how one small change can have a big impact on the whole of your life or your business. Or your life and your business, especially when business is such an integral part of your life.

I’ve been thinking about 2015 since October and worked out plans, budgets, goals, and workplans. Now I am thinking about the small changes I could do to make it a happier and easier tasks to achieve it all.