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Blogging for Money

Blogging for money. For some bloggers it is their  job and their main source of income. This is especially true in the entertainment field, where savvy people can take a hobby or a passion and create an enterprise from it. See LaineyGossip. However, for those of us running a business, our blog is usually not a source of revenue.

Business blogs are usually a place to express ideas, share advice, and create a wider audience for themselves and their business. This has always been my intention. Then last week I was approached by a company offering me money for placement on my blog.

Blogging for MoneyNever one to make a rash decision without getting all the facts, I asked for more information. The proposal was to draft a post on a topic which would fit in with my blog. They drafted a post on franchising, which was littered with plugs for a gaming site. In posting this to my blog I’d get a cheque for about US$200.

Not significant money by any stretch, but run some numbers and it can add up. Two posts a week with content provided by paid sponsors, and I could have an extra US$1600 to play with each month. As a travel fund, I could go far with that. Rajasthan, here I come!

Yet I was never tempted for a moment. Placing another voice on my blog didn’t feel authentic. It felt like a low dirty cash grab. Perhaps I would feel different if the sponsor was in line with my values and goals. A product or service which benefits entrepreneurs, or working moms, or women in general. A gaming site? No way.

Blogging for money is a personal choice and I certainly don’t judge those who operate their blog as a business. In that case, their blog IS their business. But since I already have a business, my blog isn’t about generating cash.

What are your thoughts using a personal or business blog to earn money from outside sponsors?


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