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Celebrating Milestones

It’s my birthday tomorrow. And we just had New Year.  So it makes sense that I’m thinking about milestones and anniversaries. It is an annual tradition, to take some time to reflect on the past year, and plan for the next.  It isn’t about making resolutions. I don’t believe in the January 1 resolution thing. I believe any day is an opportunity to change something or make an improvement. But there is something special about a fresh new calendar and chronological year.

There is all the looking forward: the unblemished empty file folders and the scent of new ink on the labels. The gleaming white expanse of a new P&L spreadsheet. The plans for family time in the summer and hopes for sunshine. Setting goals.

And all the looking back: seeing how much the kids have grown and changed in a year. Evaluating business performance and trends. Celebrating milestones, and the achievement of hitting targets.

The year is full of anniversaries and milestones. In business, with our families, and in our personal lives. They are different for every individual person and company. In every case, it is important to recognize them. Every achievement is a goal which was met. It is something to be proud of. Something to celebrate.

What in 2013 was worth celebrating for you? And what goals have you set for 2014?


Celebrating Milestones



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