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Business Idea Jar

The business idea jar is both a benefit and a challenge. If you are in business, or thinking about it, then you likely already have one. It may be a file, a folder, a spreadsheet, or a list. It is simply a place to dump those ideas which come up during the day to day.

Business Idea JarThe idea jar is a useful resource when it comes time to set goals or plan for improvements. It is like a little treasure chest of reading material, tools, ideas, and links. Weeks or months later – there is a long-forgotton spark which can be developed into something good for you or your business.

The challenge is managing those ideas effectively. Implementing dozens of ideas at once without clarity on how they fit into your overall strategy can actually damage your business. The business idea jar isn’t a Must-Do list. Treat it as a buffet, and be selective about what you develop and what you discard. Or leave something in the jar for a later time.

Like many entrepreneurs, my business idea jar is often more full than I have the time to manage. It is always hard to discard or postpone great ideas so I can fully develop and implement others. It simply a matter of keeping a steady pace, and not overreaching. We all know where that can lead – remember Lucy and Ethel?

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One thought on “Business Idea Jar

  1. Leslie Abell

    Thank you Rebecca. I am opening an On-Line Store in January, a little egg money for my garden creations. This idea was very helpful.

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