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Annual Growth

Spring is my favourite season, and each year I find more joy in the blooms and birds, the fragrance and the freshness. Recently I walked to my favourite tree, an arching old willow. Since my last visit, the leaves had burst open. More than that, there was new growth on the tips of each branch. These few centimetres of fresh willow was a little greener, a little more pliable, fresh and new. I realized that this happens each year. Annual growth.  Every year this old tree grows a little more. There is no sense of being big enough, tall enough. Nothing is telling the tree it is too old to grow.

We can learn a lot from trees.

Each year there is opportunity for growth. Both personally and professionally. Just as that tree is always growing, a person is never done. A business is never done.

This doesn’t mean money, necessarily. The pursuit of cash without regard for all the other elements is a narrow and unfulfilling path. Annual growth could mean client count, or market share, or revenue, or profit. There are more opportunities than that.

There are improvements to be made in operations, in systems. In staff training, and culture. In client retention and communication.  That old willow doesn’t make do with the same branch year after year. A business shouldn’t make do with the same marketing strategy they had years ago.

There is growth in learning and understanding your own habits and behaviours. This could be as simple as how often they check email, or as complex as learning new technology or tools to aid in efficiency.

Trees extend their branches a little each year, in increments which are hard to notice – yet it accumulates and builds into strong majestic forests. How will you extend yourself this year to grow yourself, your business?


Annual tr

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