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Review of The Book of Business Awesome

Last post I shared reasons to read The Book of Business UnAwesome. Today I want to share my review of The Book of Business Awesome.

This side of Scott Stratten’s flip book has fewer stories about the social media experiences of companies. It is a less entertaining read in that sense. However, if has far more instruction and education. If the UnAwesome side was a lesson in what not to do, the Awesome side is a guide on how to do engagement (with and without social media) right.

Chapter 1, Page 3: – “We cant stop screwups, only how we remedy them” Yep. That is a guiding principle in my company. We can’t promise people 100% quality 365 days a year. People are not perfect, and it isn’t a perfect world. However, on those rare times when we do screw up, we do promise that we will work 100% to fix it.

Chapter 5 – For explaining the difference between static customers and estatic customers.

Chapter 6, Page 17 – “Social media is reducing the barrier between company and consumer and between people”

Review of The Book of Business AwesomeChapter 8, Page 26 – “Don’t be defensive. People dont want an arguement. They want to be heard.” This is rule #1 of customer service and complaint resolution, and it still applies to social media.

Chapter 9, Page 28 – “PR stands for peope react, people respond, and people reach out.” PR, along with media, has changed and continues to evolve so quickly as a result of technology and social media platforms.

Chapter 10 – “Red Cross is getting slizzerd” One of the few stories on this side of the book. A powerful example of the danger in overreacting online, and the importance of putting mistakes into perspective.

Chapter 18 – Viral campaigns can get separated from the brand, and people will remember the gimmick more than the brand.

Chapter 20 – “Fractional Reaction”. Scott explains the math behind the metrics of social media. Think you are a big deal because you have 5000 followers? This chapter puts it into perspective for you.

Chapter 24 – “Asking what is the ROI of social media is like asking what is the ROI of our phone is.” How to argue with the ROI-types who just don’t understand.

Chapter 29 – “30 Tips for Speakers”. I’ve seen lots of these lists, and this is the best I’ve ever read.

I enjoyed reading both sides of the book. I highly recommend it if you are interested in learning how to engage with customers, motivate staff, and build a brand.

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