Rebecca Page

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is never far from my mind from February onwards. I do run a business that provides housecleaning, after all. Today is the start of a new month and a new quarter. We are officially 25% through 2015. Spring cleaning is for more than our homes and garage – it is good for business also. April is a good time to open the desk drawers, dust off reports, and look at the year is going.

Here is a checklist to consider for the start of April:

1. Projects.

What projects did you have planned for the year? Look at the timeline they require. If you have 3 projects which each require 40 hours of your time, and they are supposed to be completed by June, then it is time to get moving. Remember that projects always take longer than expected, and there are surprises in life – the sick child, the sick you, the sick staff you have to cover for.

2. Marketing.

If peak opportunities for your business are in the summer, now is the time to get your marketing campaigns started. Or at least organized. If part of your growth this year is supposed to come from referrals, have you done something about your referral program? These things take time to filter through. Putting all your great marketing ideas into action in October won’t make a big difference to your revenue in 2015.

3. Budget.

Comparing your P&L to your budget should be part of your monthly dashboard review. Completing the first quarter gives you a clearer idea of where you stand. This data is more than numbers – it tells you what work you need to do on your business. For example, if you are depending on revenue peaks later in the year to meet your targets, then look at whether you have staff and supplies in place to meet the demand. Or, if you budgeted for staff training but haven’t yet decided on a seminar or course, now is a good time to research and book what will meet your goals.

4. Dreams

Did you get a rush of New Year inspiration for your business? If you had fun making lists or doing a vision board but haven’t looked at it since, now is the time to pull it out and dust it off. Look at it again, remember that excitement, and ask yourself what you have been doing to make it happen. The dreams and visions are valuable but without a plan, without action – they will stay flat on the paper. It is April – time to think about what you are doing to make 2015 all that you dreamed it to be!

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