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About Me

Three quick paragraphs to learn more about me.


I grew up in Etobicoke, drinking lots of tea and reading books with my very English mother, following around my big brother like an adoring puppy, and making lists. The early death of my mother pushed me into out of the nest and into a variety of adventures. I eventually followed my brother to Ottawa, where I finished my degree at Carleton University. He helped me with the essay which helped me get into the JET program, which enabled me to fulfill my dream of seeing Japan. After a year of rural life there, I returned to Canada to get married and have a baby. It was around that time when I started my professional life, which led to my entrepreneurial one.


I didn’t have enough to do to keep me challenged in my first real job, so I wandered about the office building and discovered an overworked HR person who needed help. This started an exciting run of increasing challenges as I grew a career in Human Resources, which ended with me running a department of 5 for a high profile website company. It crashed when my company got sucked up into a corporate behemoth and I found myself in a grey cubicle wondering what Form BC682 was.

Realizing that a corporate career was going to suck the life out of me, I decided to play around with my earlier dream of starting my own business, and I developed the concept behind Concierge Home Services.

During my first year in business, I would putter in the garden with my phone hoping it would ring. I spent money on marketing which was all wrong. I can remember exactly what it felt like to get that first client. Once I joined a networking group I started to really feel like a business owner, and my revenue started to build. There were a few years of very long days which ran from breakfast meetings at dawn, through a day of cleaning and training, quotes in the evening and midnight strategy sessions. I hired and I learned to let go of parts of my business so I could build a bigger whole. I had another baby. I held her on my lap the day after she was born to call clients.

Today I am no longer wrapped up in the daily tasks of running a service business. I have a wonderful team who take good care of our clients and staff. My focus is on overall branding, social media strategy, marketing, community giving, and franchise team support. We have 4 locations in Ottawa and 1 in Toronto.

I am very proud of being named Business Woman of the Year by the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa for 2012.


For years I said that I had no time for hobbies, because I had my business and my children. Now I understand that rest is as important as action.  I love reading historical fiction, biographies, and autobiographies.. I enjoy genealogy and am have researched as far back as 1785. I journal daily. My morning Kundalini yoga practise is an integral part of my life.I listen to music when I work and write, mostly artists like Annie Lennox, Tori Amos, Imogen Heap, Joni Mitchell, Sting, and Hugh Laurie.

After hibernating all winter, in the summer months I love to get away from the city, to enjoy being under a canopy of trees, a long slow swim, and a well built fire.


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